Some Little, Happy Updates

This day is so beautiful! I couldn’t be more grateful to be off work this weekend. It’s not even March and already we’ve had a 70 degree weather day (yesterday), and today is just as beautiful though not as warm. The sky is clear and blue, and though the breeze is chilly I find myself just wanting to be outside. Last year towards the end of the Summer I had started going to the local park and spending an entire afternoon there either reading or writing (or both), and it was amazing. Living here in a big city it’s really hard to find outside time and space–especially when you don’t have a backyard–and so that was a Goddess send. I can’t wait to start that up again. I’m hoping I’ll eventually be able to do some Yoga there as well.

But today–just like yesterday–I have all the windows open in my apartment letting the 32267720884_ba48314e77_zplace air out after having been closed up all Winter. (I slept with the windows open, too! And woke up to birdsong!) As happens every year around this time I’ve started a craving for a healthier diet, and I’m taking full advantage of it. My partner and I are working towards a far healthier lifestyle than we previously had, and it’s really awesome. I’m so, so happy that we’re doing this together and are able to be each other’s check in point.

As far as writing goes, this weather is making me way more productive there. It always does. During the Winter all I want to do is curl up with a blanket, hot chocolate, and a good book…to read. But as soon as warm weather rolls around my muse kicks into overdrive and I start writing again. My main writing focus wound up being entirely different than where I’d wanted it to be, but as long as I’m writing and making progress on my current WIP’s I’m happy. (I’ll go into more detail in my March Goal video which should be up early to mid week next week.)

32268001584_0d5df661ce_zEarlier this week I picked up my first ever fountain pen. I’d been drooling over them for awhile, but because I generally like a thicker line (think 1.0 in a ball point pen) than most fountain pens produce, I had put off picking one up. But I’d recently found a purple Lamy on Amazon that I began absolutely drooooling over. I wanted to pick up something a little cheaper to test out before investing in something more expensive, so I picked up this little thing and it’s rocketed to Favorite Pen status. I definitely see myself using fountain pens more in the future. And I definitely want a Lamy!

In addition to some of the other changes that I’ve had going on, I’ve started using Pinterest…and I’m using it far more than I ever thought I would. I’m actually kind of loving it. I had tried to get into a long time ago and just couldn’t. But I tried it out again and have found so many awesome ideas and things to collect for both my journaling, and for Yoga. Follow me over there if you like!

And why not end this little update with a cute kitten photo? She’s rediscovered her love of our poang chair and has been sleeping there quite a bit lately. ❀


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