Bullet Journaling, Staetdler Fineliners, and a Relaxing Sunday

Today was kind of a perfect day. My partner and I did nothing major, just lounged about our house together and played some video games. I’ve been sick recently with a bad cold and am just on the recovering end of it. Ang is starting to get and so hasn’t felt great all day at all. A low-key day is just what we needed.

We curled up on the couch and played Tales of Berseria most of the day. This afternoon I ran out to Target to pick up a few things we needed around the house (and to get more Afrin). I wound up getting a new set of Staetdler Fineliners. I have a small obsession with Staetdlers. Their fine lines make them super easy to write with, and they don’t bleed through my pages when I color in my journal with them. There isn’t even any ghosting! I think I have every color of Fineliner they make now. (Nope, I was wrong! I don’t have the pastel set!) I also picked up a super cute pen case, and a Spring-scented candle.


When I got back home I decided to try using a modified weekly spread (original inspiration is Kara at Boho Berry) to do my planning. I’ve been OBSESSED with her videos and the entire idea of Bullet Journaling. I started using monthly trackers at the beginning of February and found them super helpful. I’ve found it a bit much to carry around my journal, my current read, a notebook for writing, AND a dayplanner so I decided to do a modified Bullet Journal system. (There’s a small flip through in this video.) I don’t do dailies–I’ve incorporated that into my weekly setup–and my journal is still mostly for longform journaling which I’m really happy about. I didn’t want to lose that as it’s super important to me. But I think having the weekly set up will allow me to do the necessary planning/task management I need to do, and allow me to carry one less thing around with me. (All while being a bit more creative!)


After that I did some household stuff–cleaned the bathroom, watered our houseplants, cleaned out my desk drawer, and rearranged my desk to be a bit more Spring-y. I don’t celebrate Easter at all, but I was so happy to see Easter stuff at Target earlier as it meant Spring is just around the corner. I’m so tired of Winter and the cold, dull, grey skies it brings with it. This Winter hasn’t been too harsh, but this gal doesn’t want anything to do with cold weather. She needs warm or hot weather in order to thrive.

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