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Hey there guys! I have decided to start my very own Newsetter. I liked the idea of a slightly more personal way to keep in contact with my lovely readers, and the fact that it’s a way to communicate with you all that isn’t just a blog post.

I’ve decided to go with a monthly newsletter for now as I get started. If I see that I have the time and capabilities for more often then I may increase it, but for right now I just plan to send out a newsletter once a month on each Full Moon. So I guess it’s technically a moonthly newsletter XD Oh I crack myself up. #NotReally #NoActuallyIDo #ILovePuns

There should be a sign up for that pops up when you view each post page individually, but for ease I’ve also included a form below! What can you expect to find in my newsletter? Life updates, project status and updates, potentially a few excerpts from my current WIP’s, any appearances I plan to make, etc. Oh and there will likely be a cute cat pic included. Because, let’s be honest, I’m a crazy cat lady. (Note that I didn’t say they would just be pics of Luna! I work with a cat rescue and at a vet’s office so I have access to a MYRIAD of cute cats, kittens, puppies, and other small animals!) If you’d like all this and more, sign up below!

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