August Goals!

So, I decided to leave Youtube. No big reason why. I’ll still be around there commenting on various videos and talking with people I met there and follow. I just fell out of love with the video-making work, and honestly I’d rather put that creative energy into blog posts or fiction writing. It’s just more my jam.

However, one of the videos I used to make every month was a monthly goal video. It helped keep me on track and to somehow be held accountable. So, instead of making a video, I thought I’d try making a blog post! This month I took it super light because my partner’s birthday is this month, and we are taking our first real Adult Vacation together. I wanted to allow myself to enjoy the vacation and not be bogged down by tasks I needed to complete.

I have 9 goals whereas usually I give myself around 13. This month’s are as follows:

1. Photograph Full Moon above the ocean

2. Read 2 books

3. Write Full Moon Ritual

4. Outline Pagan Poetry Collection

5. Write 5 poems

6. Make 5 blog posts

7. Have at least 5 No Spend days

8. Brainstorm Samhain story

9. Write Sea Priestess Prayers

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