NaNoWriMo Week One: Recap

So, I made two marvelous discoveries this week. The first one is that the NaNoWriMo website is allowing you to set your own goal this year! In years past you had to do 50k, no questions. At least according to that website. (I always modified my goal as I needed.) This year, you can alter your goal on the site. Christine Marine Attardo pointed this out in a blog post, and I was so excited. I immediately went to check it out and…

I changed my goal to 30k. Why? Well, I didn’t get as much planning done as I would have liked in October, so I’m having to research some things as I write. Plus I have a few personal things on my plate right now that need my attention. Making my goal 30k means I have to write one thousand words everyday instead of 1,667 which is a little easier on me. Though I admit I’m still low key shooting for the 50k.

The other discovery I made was Evernote. Or rather, I discovered it’s great use in NaNo. I’ve had Evernote for months, but never used it for writing novels. I used it for poems and notes, but never prose. That is, until now. It syncs between my phone and my computer so I can write literally anywhere, and during NaNo that’s a huge help. Today while riding home from meeting friends in the city I got in a few words. The one downside to Evernote is the lack of word count feature, so I still have to transfer my words to a Word doc to get that. But honestly? Not having that feature is a good thing for me. Sometimes I get too hung up on “how many words have I written?” and it distracts me from actually writing or getting “in the zone”. So, Evernote is great for me in that way, too.

As for where I’m at in words. I’m a day behind right now, but that’s okay. One reason I wanted to lower my goal was because I knew there would be some days where I just couldn’t get words in, and having to only catch up on 1,000 is a better than having to catch up on nearly 2,000. I’m basically having my caking and eating it, too, with this NaNo 😛

How is your NaNoWriMo going so far?


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