30089621326_58631ae21d_zRaven Rose is a being with many interests. She photographs whatever catches her eye, lights candles and dances under the full moon, writes queer love stories (among other things…like Pagan nonfiction), all while working at a vet during the day and also doing a bit of dogwalking and petsitting on the side. She is known to her best friend as SuperGirl.

She grew up in the center of Indiana splitting her time between “city” life and country living. She preferred the country life, but in June of 2013 moved to New Jersey to be with the love of her life. She now knows exactly what city living means, and it isn’t what she was doing in Indiana. (Though she hasn’t let go of her country music…much to her partner’s dismay.)

Amidst everything else she does, she also keeps a blog dedicated to Odin, offers Rune readings, and posts two vlogs a week on her Youtube channel! Indeed, Raven is a very busy creature, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. There is no point of having a dream if you aren’t going to chase it.


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