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In The Land of Graves

So, I’m a little weird. I enjoy visiting cemeteries even if I don’t know someone buried there. Even when it’s not October and the haunting month. Not sure what it is that draws me to them, but every so often … Continue reading

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Tarot for Writing

This post is part of my series “Pagan Infused NaNo”. Basically, how-to’s of how elements of Pagan spirituality can aid in the creative process. Note these aren’t all just for writers. Many of them can apply to any form of … Continue reading

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Words Hold The Magic

          “…There aren’t any magical words, really. The words just hold the magic. They give it a shape and a form, they make it useful, describe the images within.           I’ll say … Continue reading

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Happy National Coming Out Day; Or, The Issue With This Day

Happy National Coming Out Day! Last year I shared my story of coming out. It was a hard one to live through, though I acknowledge that in the grand spectrum of the way parental reactions go to news that their … Continue reading

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All Hallows Write Tag!

I found this fun little survey on Sam Kasse’s Tumblr and thought it would fun and festive to fill this out for my characters in SOMEONE LIKE YOU! I might do this again in November for my characters in my … Continue reading

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Crystals for Creativity Part 2!

A few years ago I shared a post talking all about crystals that aid with creativity. With NaNoWriMo in a few short weeks, I thought I’d do a part two of it. This will be the first post in a … Continue reading

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Why THE CRAFT Is Problematic

(This post comes with trigger warnings for talk of self harm, suicide, and sexual assault. They don’t pertain to me, but to the movie I’m discussing.) It’s October, one of my favorite months of the entire year (if not my … Continue reading

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