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Merry Ostara!

I can’t say that Ostara is my favorite holiday, but it’s in my Top Eight. 😉 That said, this year I am immensely glad that it is here. It’s been a relatively mild Winter all things given, but I have … Continue reading

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Camp NaNoWriMo?; Or, Too Many Projects!

I’ve decided this year for the first time ever that I’m going to be doing Camp NaNoWriMo. I think what made me decide was the combination of simply loving the community that regular NaNoWriMo brings, and the fact that April … Continue reading

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A Winter Wonderland

So, I hate Winter. Like…if I never had to have cold weather again I would be PERFECTLY happy. Bundling up in heavy coats, shivering as I walk to and from our car, needing hats and mittens…not for me. I really … Continue reading

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The Problems With A Gay Le Fou

If you’ve been anywhere on Twitter, or if you are a fan of Beauty and the Beast (or Disney in general) then you have heard by now that in the live action film (released later this year) there is going … Continue reading

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March Goals!

Goal video will be up in the next couple of days. But for those of you wondering what I’m working on this month, this is what I’m doing. I decided to give myself some super easy goals (posting here, for … Continue reading

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Bullet Journaling, Staetdler Fineliners, and a Relaxing Sunday

Today was kind of a perfect day. My partner and I did nothing major, just lounged about our house together and played some video games. I’ve been sick recently with a bad cold and am just on the recovering end … Continue reading

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Some Little, Happy Updates

This day is so beautiful! I couldn’t be more grateful to be off work this weekend. It’s not even March and already we’ve had a 70 degree weather day (yesterday), and today is just as beautiful though not as warm. … Continue reading

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