Raven Writes You A Story

Raven has been writing since she was a small child. Her favorite thing in the world is telling stories, and she’d love to write a story for you! If you’ve ever had an idea for a story and always wanted someone to write it, or just want to toss a challenge her way, Raven will write it for you. Just send her an email with the topic, preferred genre, and any thing else you’d like included, and soon you will have your story! Her “specialty” genres are Fantasy, Magical Realism, and Crime.

Email: ravensong9@gmail.com

Cost:Ā $10 for 1,000 words up to 5,000 words. Story longer than 5,000 words it’sĀ $11 per 1,000 words.

Payment: Via paypal. I can send you an invoice for the amount, or I can just tell it to you and you send it to me.

Timeframe: I’ll let you know this once I know your idea and figure out about how many words it will be.

I retain all rights to the stories I write. Gift them to people all you want, but do not publish them under any name other than mine and only with my permission.

Please no requests containing rape, abuse, homophobia, racism, or sexism! These will immediately be denied.


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