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Movie Review: Live Action BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

So, I finally got to see the live action Beauty and the Beast. For awhile I had debated whether or not I wanted to spend the money on it, but eventually it won out that I went to a theater. … Continue reading

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The Problems With A Gay Le Fou

If you’ve been anywhere on Twitter, or if you are a fan of Beauty and the Beast (or Disney in general) then you have heard by now that in the live action film (released later this year) there is going … Continue reading

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To Write

I’ve been doing the Author Life Month photo challenge over on Instagram. Today’s prompt is your “To Write” list. This is my current plan for 2017. All of these are in various stages of being written, and the dates/months are … Continue reading

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Book Review: OLYMPIC HEARTS by Madeline Kelly

I was browsing Tumblr yesterday when I came across a story called Olympic Hearts. Girls in love! Goddesses! Seems right up my alley! Seriously. Give me a story about goddesses in love with each other (or even in love with … Continue reading

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Real talk. I’m terrified. I’ve been having a really hard time lately. Every single time there is news out of Washington I cringe and feel even more like we are headed towards the apocalypse. Do you remember in Lord of … Continue reading

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Love Trumps Hate; Or, Announcing Two Upcoming Lesbian Projects!

So, I’m upset. I’m actually so upset that I find it hard to articulate my thoughts well. Not the kind of upset that has me crippled and crying in a ball on the bed. No. I’m the angry kind of … Continue reading

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The Choice

At the end of the foggy path the werewolf waited for her. “You’re finally here,” she said after shifting into her human form. “I am,” the woman said, looking the werewolf in the eye. Even when human her eyes retained a … Continue reading

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