Current Projects

SOMEONE LIKE YOU (Lesbian New Adult)

Leslie has been with Matt since her Sophomore year of high school. But now she and Matt are sharing an apartment together for the first time, and are out from under their parents’ scrutiny. Leslie starts exploring who she really is without her parents’ input. When she meets Hailey, her world is turned on it’s head. Hailey is passionate, fiery, and as concerned with animal welfare as Leslie is. When they go to rescue a dog, sparks fly and she starts to ask herself if where is in life right now is exactly where she wants to be. Or does her heart want something else?


A collection of lesbian short stories, many of them to be posted for free throughout the month of June in celebration of Pride month. To be released end of June/early July with a few other unreleased short stories included.

THROUGH THE MISTS (Pagan Poetry collection)

A collection of 50-60 poems with a Pagan theme or influence.